My first MYOG project

The X-PAC fabric I ordered at the end of the year has arrived. So I started to make my fanny pack.
This time, I used a pre-cut pattern.

I could have printed out the pattern on a printer and then cut it myself, but I wanted to see the quality of a professional laser cutter, so I chose the pre-cut pattern.

Sewing each piece of fabric together was no problem.
The most difficult part was sewing the zipper as expected.
The zipper I used this time is HHH, which is known to be more waterproof than YKK.
I had a hard time installing the slider, not the zipper teeth.

You can see that the sewing position is slightly different between the front and the back of the zipper.
I’ll get it right next time.

The reason I wanted to make this fanny pack was to store my single-lens camera.
Until now, I had been using a camera holster attached to the shoulder portion of my pack, but having something as heavy as a camera hanging from my upper body would affect my body movements, so I wanted to store the camera in the center of my body, around my waist.

This is the fanny pack with my single-lens camera in it.
There is still plenty of room for additional lenses and replacement batteries.

There is a side pocket. Maybe I can put my smartphone or a map here.

The weight is 55g.
Given that the fabric is waterproof, this is lightweight enough.

This is me with the fanny pack.
The slider has a pull handle, which makes it easy to open and close even with gloves on.
The X-PAC’s cross lines are cool, I guess.
The white color has the disadvantage of showing dirt, but it has an ultralight feel to it, which I also like.

I could have used UHMWPE fabrics such as Dyneema or Ultra, but the prices of those fabrics are a bit high. I’m okay with X-PAC.
This time, I sewed all the fabrics with white thread. I would like to change the thread color to match the fabric color next time.

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