Where to get MYOG related information

I have been gathering MYOG-related information mainly through the Internet. Below are the main sources I have been using for the past few months.

First, distributors.

  • Ripstop by the Roll (YouTube / Podcast)
    This is a channel run by RSBR, a distributor that is a staple in the MYOG community. I listen to podcasts for the convenience of being able to gather information while on the move, and watch YouTube only when I need visual information such as how to sew fabrics or make patterns.As RSBR has stated, the descriptions on their product pages are also a very valuable source of information. I can get information about what each material is suitable for, how transparent it is when held in the hand, etc. on each product page.
  • Dutchware
    This is another one of the major distributors in the MYOG community. As far as I know, they do not run YouTube or podcasts for the MYOG community, but the information on each product page can still be useful. Since Dutchware makes their own finished products, they mention which of their products each material is used in. Videos of strength tests on actual products are quite interesting.

Next, social networking websites.

  • Reddit MYOG
    Reddit is, of course, the world’s largest social news site, with rather strict rules and regulations. Posts that do not conform to the rules will be deleted without hesitation. On the other hand, if you post, ask questions, and reply while following the rules, you can connect with MYOG users all over the world. There is no reason not to use it. In particular, when you search for UL gear that you are trying to make, you will always find a couple of posts by people who have tried the same thing in the past.
  • Reddit Ultralight
    This is more of a community for UL gear users. Even so, the information exchange on UL gear is quite active. You can definitely use it as a reference for your own product development.
  • Backpacking Light (Website / YouTube / Podcast)
    While the main focus is on information for UL hikers, they also occasionally feature interviews with garage brand (cottage company) founders. Like Ripstop, I listen to podcasts for the convenience of being able to gather information while on the move.

Lastly, others.

  • LearnMYOG
    Although the site sells UL gear patterns, as the name implies, there is plenty of content to help you learn. A quick look at Reddit posts shows that quite a few MYOG users have started their careers at LearnMYOG.
  • Ray-Way Products
    This site sells MYOG kits designed by Ray Jardine, who has the coolest Web 1.0 style design. The site is characterized by many patterns that look like they have been analyzed by fluid analysis. That’s probably because Mr. Jardine has a background in aerospace engineering.
  • CLO3D (YouTube)
    CLO develops 3D CAD software for apparel. The company’s YouTube channel is a valuable source of information for those who want to develop UL apparel, as there are many tutorials. I downloaded the free 30-day trial version and tried a few simple designs while watching the tutorials.

I’m sure there are still other sources of information, but this is what I have so far.

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