Ordering sample fabric

My first step for MYOG was to order sample fabrics.

The order was placed with RSBR in the U.S. and arrived in Japan in about three weeks.
Since it was a sample fabric, the price of the fabric itself was not so high, but the shipping cost was a bit high since the fabric was shipped by air.
As is often said, it may be necessary to reduce the frequency of orders and consolidate them to about once a month to cut down on shipping costs.

The fabrics I ordered are as follows.

Roughly speaking, these are Sil-Nylon, MTN Sil-Nylon, HyperD, Sil-Poly, DCF (Dyneema), and Noseeum mesh.
If lightweight is the top priority, then UHMWPE materials such as DCF are the best choice, but this will inevitably increase the price of the final product. I would like to make good use of RSBR’s original fabrics such as MTG Sil-Nylon and HyperD.

I also ordered Tyvek as a practice material for sewing work. Until the product’s shape is finalized, I will repeat prototyping with Tyvek.

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